Collective Fitness

We challenge ourselves to bring you an advanced level of learning in the next phase of the workshop series, where each individual coach sheds lights on a more in-depth look to your initial engagements, then, they will collaborate with each other to present to you, collective fitness that we define and curate. Look forward to seeing you contribute to this collectiveness!

Collective Fitness is a series of experiences offering you holistic approaches to inject vitality into your everyday life. The coaches that guide you through to establish creative habits include art professionals who can demonstrate various perspectives into spiritual wellness and mental being, the board game expert to lead how the exercises of the mind boost your body coordination and reflexes hence to leadership, the visual artist/ yoga teacher can reinforce your appreciation of the self, and the ninja park entrepreneur to show you the strengthening of determination is equally significant as that to your physical flexibility.

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Shueng Wan (SW)
2/F, Strand 50, 50 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan
Sai Ying Pun (SYP)
511 Queen’s Road West, Sai Wan
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